Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We still have no Internet at our house or this would be updated much more regularly! Sorry for that...hopefully it won't be too much longer. We're sitting here at my parents house watching Christmas Vacation. It's one of our traditions :) We're looking forward to all of the new memories and traditions we will have in our marriage, but for now, we're hanging on to those with our parents! We went to the Christmas Eve service at church tonight (one of my favorites), then tomorrow at my parent's, lunch with Tim's family, and ending up at a movie with my parents and brother. I'm sure when kids come along, we'll have to give up a thing or two, but for now, we're sticking with what we know!

Not a whole lot going on other than the holidays. I'm happy to be home for two was definitely time for a break. Tim's planning on enjoying the days he's off as well. Maybe we'll manage to get all of the wedding gifts put away and finally get the thank you notes written.

I guess I'll get back to the Griswolds and their Christmas...have a WONDERFUL day tomorrow. Remember the reason we're all celebrating.

PS...Please remember my friend Stephanie's family in your prayers. Her mom passed away yesterday, and I know it will be a rough time for all of them.