Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year, New Blog

Just like every other new year, I have new goals to actually write on this blog!  This time, I think I really want to focus on things I look for in other blogs…what's cooking, what we're reading, what we're crafting, and of course, our super cute kids!
Starting yesterday, Tim and I are both starting new Bible reading plans.  Our Sunday school teacher always encourages us to be daily Bible readers, so we're hoping that these new plans will aid us in that. Speaking of our Sunday school teacher, he will be leaving to do training for a job transfer for several weeks, and Tim will be teaching our class starting this Sunday.  When someone says, "I'm a teach Sunday school," most people don't think about all that goes in to it.  I remember seeing my dad sit for hours with his Bible and lesson books growing up when he taught.  I pray that Tim will be able to devote that time needed and share the words that God has for him to teach.  
At home we're trying to clean things out.  With 4 of us living in 2 bedrooms and 1 bath, we don't have a lot of extra space.  We got the best gift ever from my parents for Christmas…a dish washer!  It's a small, 1 shelf, on the counter version, but it's amazing!  We've run it at least once every day since Christmas trying to catch up on all of our dirty dishes.  Also, I was able to go through all of Parker's old clothes to get ready for the spring consignment sales yesterday since Tim was home watching the kids.  I went from 10 boxes down to 1 to keep!  I still have Charleigh's to work on, but there aren't near as many.  To help on our organizing theme, I bought a small binder and some other goodies to make my own planner.  I found a few that I loved online, but I'm not going to go broke working on getting organized to save money!  Hopefully, that will be a post soon; in fact, I need to get busy now!
More soon...