Saturday, April 2, 2011

35 Weeks and a Shower Surprise!

Wow! 35's CRAZY to me that things are going so quickly.
People keep saying that the nesting feeling will start soon, but I'm still more into the sleeping. This is causing a problem because nothing is ready. Our poor "nursery"...I use the quotation marks because at this point nothing about it resembles a room fit for a a disaster. Tim did stain the dresser today, so I'm going to say that his nesting phase is beginning! The dresser does look amazing! Anything with cherry stain is good to me :) My goal will be to have the room cleaned out by the end of the week so Tim can paint next weekend. I'm writing that
on here so people can ask me about it and I feel a little accountability!
About us at 35 weeks...We went to the doctor on Thursday. For the past 4 visits, which means 8 weeks, I have measured to the day the correct size. I've loved it because each midwife we've seen during those visits has used the word perfect! Sadly, the chain of perfection ended with this visit. I measured 35 weeks and 3 days...3 days ahead of where I actually am. Tim tells me I'm being ridiculous, but I told him I'm just being pregnant! Everything else in the visit was great! We actually saw an intern instead of a midwife this visit. We have met with her before and think she's great. We really hope she's at the hospital when the time comes. She's the person who let us hear Parker's heartbeat for the very first time several months ago. This visit, Parker would not stay still long enough to hear the heartbeat for an extended amount of time. Quick little beats, then he or she would jump around. When I say jump, I mean jump! Tim said it was the most he had ever seen my belly move. I let him know that it happens all the time, he just doesn't see it because I'm usually not laying down! She also told us that Parker is not very big. She's guessing he or she won't be much more than 7 pounds, but he could be long. This marks the visit where we will begin going every week. That scares me a little because I know that means we don't have much longer.
Other things that are happening at this point in time...
hiccups-they happen all the time...and I love it! That's one thing that Tim can see from across the room. We both think it's great!
heartburn/ acid reflux-AWFUL! The doctor told me to give up on the Tums and Rolaids and go straight for the Zantac. It has helped a lot along with the 3 pillows at night!flip flops-I got a doctor's note to wear flip flops to school...woo hoo!!! The feet swelling is at it's worst in 4th and 5th periods, so even though it sounds silly, I know the flippy-floppies will help!Pictures-we had maternity pics made by a friend of mine last weekend. We haven't told a lot of people so it will be a fun surprise when we get them back!

Now, the shower surprise...
This year, I am only teaching freshmen, but for the previous 2 years, I have taught sophomores and juniors, many of the same students. They're amazing. I was their class sponsor last year, and I just bonded with this group of kids. Well, they surprised me yesterday with a baby shower after school. Tim even came! They planned it all, cake, drinks, decorations...I was totally impressed! I felt honored to be their teacher!