Tuesday, February 15, 2011

28 Weeks

Wow! Things are going soooo fast! I wish I had a chance to get on the computer everyday and go on and on about the things I'm feeling. Luckily, I have a little time today. (I took the day off of work for a dr's apt.) First, I want to say congratulations to Bekka. Liam is beautiful. I hope things are going well...and that you're taking a ton of pictures! Ok, so here's a little update...We have a name...PARKER. Boy or girl, we love it! For a boy it will be William Parker, and for a girl, Parker Elizabeth. Not sure where the name came from on our long list, but it's perfect!
We had the 28 week visit today at the doctor. Things went great. It was the best visit yet! The midwife we met with today was our favorite so far. I've gained a few pounds, but I'm still not up to where I started...which is wonderful! My belly is measuring right where it should be, and I didn't even bruise where they took blood for the glucose test.
I've been feeling good lately. School stuff is a little stressful right now, but 2 hour naps a couple of days a week help with that. The baby moves all the time. Tim gets to feel him/her quite often, and he's seeing my belly move now, too! The only problem is my red face. My skin has started breaking out. Luckily, Belk has a free gift for Clinique right now, so I hope a little new make up will fix that!
With all of the feeling good, one would think that we're making all kinds of progress on the nursery...WRONG! We've barely even begun working on things. Hopefully, there will be some before and after pics to post!

Here are some recent pics...

This is the newest belly pic...taken Valentine's Day
Tim and I at a UGA basketball game.