Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back to work...

Well, the end has come...the end of spring break that is :( We're sitting here watching The Unit soaking in the last few minutes of a wonderful week. That list of things I talked about wanting to accomplish this week...well, I didn't get to any of them. It was wonderful! I look forward to 5 weeks from now when I can sleep in again!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Spring Break Picnic...

Tim's boss gave him a couple of days off so we could spend some time together over my spring break. Yesterday we got some things done around the house (like laundry and dishes) and went grocery shopping. We even had my parents over for dinner. Today was the day to chill! We slept late, watched a little tv, and then we had a picnic! It was so nice. The weather was perfect and the sun came out right after we got there. We saw ducks, geese, and a man in a boat! We're so lucky to have the lake so close to our house. Here are some pics from the day...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Break!!!!!

Finally...spring break is here! I have so much I want to get done, but the best part is, I don't have to do any of it! I've already cleaned up the bedroom, and I'm going to do a little grading tomorrow, so I can totally relax all week. You should expect to see some pics of new scrapbook pages by the end of the week!
Tim's at a car show, so I slept in this morning. It's so weird waking up without him there next to me. It's one of those perks of marriage that you don't miss until he wakes up early!
Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

One of those days...

I've had one of those of those, everything was great and then one bad class hit-kind of days. I LOVE being a teacher. I know it's where God has put me at this point in time, but teenage girls can be mean! They stress me out. I guess it's a good thing spring break is less than 24 hours away.

This year has gone so quickly. So much has changed...I moved out of Thomaston (which I miss terribly) got married (the best thing ever!), and started a new job. This job has brought me friends, long days, and a sense of belonging. It's crazy to think that in 6 weeks the year will be over. I'm so excited about next year though. I already have ideas in mind and a list of posters I want to buy! I get to teach AP Calc next year, which to most people seems insane, but to me it's a dream job. The only problem is I haven't had calculus in 6 years. I have a book and plan to start studying over the break and more in the summer.

Anyways...enough about high school...

Sunday was Easter. We spent Saturday at Tim's parents house with his sisters and their families. I love having nieces and nephews! They're way to precious. I have high hopes about how cute our kids will be after seeing them :) Tim and I made Easter baskets for each other. I love doing things like that. I think he's learning how much I love it, and he's giving in to the cute-sie little things like that!
Other than that, things are calm. I'm exhausted, Tim's at softball practice, and we call this a Thursday! I love how blogging can take the bad day feeling away. It also helps to stalk others on their I love the internet!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Nothin' new...

I guess a month and a half is about long enough to keep you in suspense of the activities of our lives, so I guess I should write a little something! We really haven't been up to anything big...just work and sleep and eating and church and more sleeping ( I heart naps :)). I did get a hair cut and Tim now has a little hair on his chin, so I guess there is a little change!

We went to a couple of Butch Walker concerts last week...Atlanta on Wednesday and Athens on Saturday. Here are a few pics from the show at the 40 Watt in Athens.

We getting all cute tonight...I'm taking Tim on a hot date. We're going to see the Fast and the Furious 4. I haven't seen 1-3, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to catch on. It's a good thing I love him or I just don't think I could sit through it!-Jenn