Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy New Year!

Ok...I's 3 weeks late, but I'm going with the saying "It's better late than never." I hope your new year has started off on the right foot. With 3 snow/ice days this week, I'm pretty pumped up about mine! Reading Lindsay's blog, I was inspired to tell you about NY 2008.
Tim moved back to Georgia from Florida in 2007. He had been working and going to school in Orlando. We've gone to the same church for a while, and when he moved back, we were once again in the same Sunday school class. He had asked me out several times, but I always had an excuse not to go. He told me that he was going to Atlanta for New Years, and he asked me to go. I, of course, already had plans. Plus, it was going to be a little reunion for his high school class, so that was an added reason to stay away! My group of friends has been doing something since NY 2004 that I can remember, but something happened to ring in 2008. They all cancelled! Everyone found something to do with other people, so I was left with nothing to do.
I'm guessing you can see where this is headed...
The week of New Years came around, and I still had nothing to do. Reluctantly, I called Tim and asked if the invitation was still good to go with him. He said yes, but we confirmed that this was not a date! For "not a date" I remember stressing out about what to wear (that should have been a sign!). He picked me up and we headed to 14th street for the party. His little reunion was just that. There were less than 20 people in his graduating class, and not everyone was there. Turns out, he went to school with an amazing group of people! I totally felt welcomed and had a really good time leading up to midnight. Keep in mind that this was not a date, and we let everyone know whenever they asked! As 12 o'clock came closer, something happened, and then by the time it arrived, there was a major change! It started with a kiss at midnight...and 4 months later we were engaged! I'm not sure how God worked it out, which is good with me, but he did something in both of us that night. From that point on, it was pretty obvious to us and those around us that we would be together for much longer than we imagined going into that night!