Thursday, May 14, 2009

10 days...

Yay! The end is in sight...summer is so close I can taste it! It seems that life is so busy this time of year. Tim and I have something on the calendar almost every night of the week, and the weekends are the same. After those 10 days, which I'm sure will fly by, are past, I look forward to sleeping in. I must admit, sleeping in is one of my favorite things...ever! I wish I had one of those jobs where I could work either super early so I could take a nap every day, or where I could go to work late so I could sleep in every morning. I guess if I slept in every day, it really wouldn't be sleeping, would it??! is how it is, so I will continue early morning tutoring at 7:15 and I will work until the grading is done! In other news...I was nominated for teacher of the year. It is such a huge honor, especially since it's my first year at the high school. I'm sooooo excited!!!!! I know that I will not be elected because it is my first year, and there are a couple of other amazing teachers nominated, but I was just excited to see my name on the ballot!
Other than the end of the school year, we're staying busy with Tim's softball games (he had an incredible hit tonight), family events , and all other kinds of crazy things that come up! This weekend we're going up to Helen for a VW car show type thing. I plan on having a couple of scrapbooking magazines with me...just in case!
I hope everything in life is treating you well...please leave a comment to say hey and tell us you're still out there!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

This has nothing to do with Cinco de Mayo...but I hope you're having a good one!
We've been so busy lately. I think we need an extra weekend to rest up from the past couple of weekends! It may be tiring, but we have been having a great time. Our friend Joseph is home from his army training in Oklahoma, so we've been hanging out with the big group of friends lately. We went out when he first got home (2 weekends ago) are a cute pic of us!
Then, this weekend, we did Relay for Life with my mom's school on Friday, The Braves game on Saturday, and the Cotton Pickin' Fair on Sunday. Here are more pics...
I can't believe it's getting so close to the end of school. We're doing End-of-Course Testing this week, so I'm all stressed out. I think I take it way more seriously than the kids! Other than that, not too much is going on here. We're about to head out for some Mexican in honor of the holiday...speaking of's teacher appreciation week. So, to all of you teachers reading this, I hope you have a wonderful week, and from one teacher to another, I truly appreciate all you do!