Wednesday, April 14, 2010


One of the joys of teaching high school is prom! Tim never actually went to a prom. His little Christian school only had junior-senior dancing of course! We volunteered to chaperone and had so much fun! All the dancing was a tad bit inappropriate, but maybe that's just because we're so old. We made a whole night of it. We had dinner at Maggiano's (delicious) and then afterwards, we had "adult time" and went out with some of the other teaches and their husbands. We even had a hotel room! It was a night we will never forget :)

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Bekka said...

A hotel room on prom night?! Tsk tsk! (j/k) That's so cute! Mike's prom is coming up in a few weeks. He has restroom duty for an hour. Maybe I'll talk him into making a night of it, too. Sounds like you two had a blast!