Sunday, December 5, 2010


Yay...Peanut is moving!!! It's small and I can't feel it often, but he/she is moving! It happened the first time at Applebee's when Tim and I had a hot date eating dinner on Thursday at 5 pm...yep, early bird special! I felt it again yesterday when I was driving. I'm going to say it's when I sing, not because my singing is great, but because I enjoy singing Christmas music so much. I think when I'm super happy, Peanut feels like dancing! In the book we're keeping up with, it says that the baby is sleeping like a new born. I guess that means there's more still times than those when Peanut is jumping up and down. :)


Sarah and Davey said...

This was by far my FAVORITE part of being pregnant. Just wait until you see elbows and knees and feet kicking out!

Bekka said...

It's so exciting! At 29 weeks, Liam has days where he almost doesn't stop. It can be a little tiring, but I absolutely love it. And soon, Peanut will discover your ribcage...apparently it is a magical place that all babies love. LOL