Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More than a Miracle

Have you ever thought about pregnancy? I know those of you with kids have...of course...but the further we go, the more I really think about it. The way that Parker can move around and everything else inside of me stays where it should be, well, all I can say is it's more than a miracle! To think that not only is there a little person living inside of me right now, but knowing that I'm living with the same body is crazy! Of course there are plenty of internal heater is on overdrive, my hair and face are all kinds of oily, I sleep more than should be allowed (that's my favorite!), and the gag reflexes find a new source everyday...but those changes aren't enough to stop the everyday. God is amazing! How can people be pregnant, have a wife go through pregnancy, or even think about having a baby, and not realize that He's got it all under control. He planned it all out...perfectly! It really is more than a miracle!


Bekka said...

It really is amazing! I remember looking at Liam shortly after he was born and being so amazed that he was actually inside of me. He looked so much bigger than I thought he could possibly be (and in reality he was still a bit small). It really reminds you of just how amazing God is.

The Sanders said...

I remember thinking the same thing! Especially for the can you go through pregnancy, learning about the changes your body makes for the baby, and not at least believe there is a God, much less seek a relationship with him. It's so cool. :)