Saturday, June 30, 2012


Parker's party was a success!  I think everyone had fun and the birthday boy was super cute!  He hadn't had a nap and it was hot outside, but he smiled, ate cake, and opened presents like a big boy!  The only problem was that there are no really good pics!  I'm still bitter about this...even though it's been 2 months!  Here are some of the good ones from the day...

Here are the cake push ups!  I was so proud of them.  Apparently they were pretty good because they were all eaten!

He didn't get too messy.  He has texture issues when it comes to touching his food...he gets that from his dad!

He loved his lawn mower!  He wouldn't slow down long enough for us to take the tags off.

Here's the after party.  I was really impressed with Tim and myself because we had it all cleaned up 2 hours after everyone left.  Then we went to bed...early!

We're so blessed to have this little man in our lives.  He is nothing but joy!

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