Sunday, September 15, 2013

My First Week

Allow me to introduce the cutest little girl ever...Charleigh!
She arrived on August 7th, weighing in at 7 pounds 2 ounces and 19 inches long.  She is such a wonderful baby.  We're even getting sleep!  The first 4 weeks she only wanted to sleep if someone was holding her, so my nights were spent in the recliner.  Hey, sleep is sleep...I'll take it where ever I can get it!  Now, she's sleep several hours on her own in the bassinet.  She wakes up around 1 and 5 to eat, and then back to sleep she goes.  She is a great eater.  We had a difficult time with Parker, so this is truly an answer to prayer.  Speaking of Parker...he loves his new sister.
He does, however, miss everyone's full attention.  His perfect behavior is no longer.  Some of this is just his age, I'm sure.  Compared to most 2 year olds, his behavior would be exemplary, but needing to repeat myself is something new for me.
Luckily, my parents have been great about helping us out.  They will take Parker, so he gets lots of one on one attention, watch both kids so I can take a shower, or just hang out so I'm not alone.  This was the first week I've been on my own each day since they're on vacation.  Guess what...I survived!  Tim is such a big helper.  He's always going above and beyond around here.  Friday, he cleaned the toilet...for no reason (other than it needed it!).  We were talking tonight before he went to bed about how much we love having our family of 4.  We really have worked together and know how blessed we are!

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