Monday, January 26, 2009

52Q 3and4

Well, I was a week behind on the 52Q's which works out...because I'm still at home sick, and I have time to answer both!

52Q 3-Do you believe in fairies? Well, no, not really, but I do believe in angles. Angles are way better anyway because they're sent from God! We watched The Nativity Story over Christmas break, and I now see angles in a new light. (It's a great movie, WATCH IT!)

52Q 4-When I look into my eyes, I see.....
If I had to answer this week, it would be sickness :( I've been sick, so my eyes look tired. Normally, would want to say I see hope in my eyes. I want to see the hope I have in my job, with my husband, and for my family including those future little ones we want to have! Even when times are no good financially, I want to have the hope of success. When I am sad, I want to have the hope of a happy tomorrow. And when just the fear of the future sets in, I will have my hope in a powerful God who controls that day.

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Nicole said...

I'm glad you left me a comment because I forgot I hadn't added this blog to my blog list yet! You're added now :) The book does sound cool!

and.. from an English teacher to a Math teacher - - you said you believe in angles - - not angels. :) Which is even more amusing as you are a math teacher.

and I really like your answer to the second question. I hope i have hope in my eyes as well.